Gigani Khichda Masala Mix Powder (65 Grams)


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Khichda Masala (Spice Mix) 1 Pack = 65 Grams of spice mix masala useful for 1 kg of Mutton. Khichra Type Stew Place of origin Indian subcontinent Related national cuisine India, Bangladesh, Pakistan Primary ingredients Meat, lentils, flavours Varieties chicken khichra, lamb khicra Cookbook: Khichra Khichra or Khichda (Urdu: کھچڑا‬‎) is a variety of the dish Haleem, well known with Populace of the Indian subcontinent. Khichra is cooked all year. It is comprised of Goat meat, lentils and flavours, gradually cooked to a thick paste.[1] It is the meat-based variation of rice dish from the Indian subcontinent called Khichdi.[2] In the sub mainland, Haleem and Khichra is sold as Street sustenance in many urban communities consistently


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