Fried Onion 1 Kg (Birista) Golden Fried From Fresh Onions


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Buy Online Birista Fried Onions Fried onions are the base of many a savoury Desi dish. How one fries the onions largely determines the flavour of curries, biryanis, pulaos, dals, or whatever onion based dish you are making. Deep fried “birista” onions- These are onions that have been slowly deep fried over a long time and under a watchful eye. Sliced paper thin and then fried to a delicate crisp birista can be made in batches and stored in an airtight container in the refrigerator for future use. They can lend their slightly sweet and almost smoky flavours and crunch as a topping crumbled over dishes and rice or ground to make a rich caramelized base for any gravy or sauce. Authentic Taste, Traditional Recipie Also Known As Birista, Beresta, Birista. Express Delivery All Over India


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